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Tales From The Trenches of The Thrash Wars [entries|friends|calendar]

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Get Fucked Cunt [15 May 2004|11:43pm]
Ahhh, i'm sooo tired. Just got back from Grimsby after playing a gig & dropping Sol & Debbie back in Woodhall. No, back up...
Finished work at dinner on friday. FACE THE ENEMY we're playing in Liverpool, so it were decided that the Zero's would go with & then we'd all go to Grimsby for our gig today. So we gets there, find the venue [Club 24/7] & get in. 9 bands playing with T'Enemy headlining. Great. I've been looking forward to this all week. Hours & several arse bands later, FTE are set to go on & then we noticed a lack of drums. And guitar cabs. Shit. Apparently the place we were meant to be staying, the guy was gonna charge us, we couldn't go back til 4 in the morning, we couldn't smoke inside [no major biggy] & Debbie had to sleep in a seperate room. So, fuck it, we drove back, disapointed at no FTE set & tired as fuck.
Woke up today in the spare room @ ZERO HQ. Had a cheese & onion pasty [sorry titch, yr mum gave it me!] & a brew. Filled up & off me & joe road, Grimsby bound. Got there, met the guys putting on the gig [cheers for that & being nice] & ate some awesome food. Abused the NARCOSIS boys, played some pool, thrashed, had a 'school-cock drawing' comp & drew endless amounts of stupid pictures, usually involving cocks & bums. PEET drank endless amounts of JD & Coke & we talked for ages about HC. What more could you ask for? Shouted at NARCOSIS while they played a fucken awesome, Read: "FUCKEN AWESOME" set. After their set, we said our goodbyes & made our way.
So im tired. I'm home, i've eaten & now i'm gonna shower & listen to IMBALANCE.
All this after playing probably the best ZERO set ever on thursday night. We had to, THE PHUCK-UPS, MAKILADORAS & MIOHEN![the best band in the IQ ever?] all rocked the fuck out! Later
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Throw the Flour in & when they come out, we'll get em with the gloop [08 May 2004|10:07am]
That was carnage. Party at Luke's house last night. It started off rather cililized, a few people having a drink & some food [Jodie gave me this awesome pasta thing] & just having a laugh. Anyways, the beer started flowing & Luke decided to attack Nat with a pie. So he did. Covered him an all. Later he got covered in peas. Nat did one & went off in a huff, only to return when no-one had realised he was gone. If that makes any sense? He then got caught in the cross-fire of another battle. Not amused! But fucking funny all the same. Anyway, it got a bit silly, people getting 'antiqued' all over the shop, dance-off's with drop-kicks, smoking weed in Luke's kitchen & Jay trying to seduce Luke. All good clean fun.

Got my haircut this morning. Oh, & we have a gig in WISBECH tonight. Yay! Later
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Here's an Idea...Kill Yourself [30 Apr 2004|09:01pm]
Fuck yeah! I finally got my computer back & running. It feels good. I am a geek.
Soooo whats happened. Well, i now work in a packing factory. Its mind-numbingly dull, but the people who i work with are all really nice & Ady looks after me. Its really practical too, cos the shift manager is an old-school punk & lets me & Ady have the same rota for gigs & stuff. Which is nice.
So tired & cranky, i ventured out to witness the mighty crust devastation that is TRAGEDY. Yes, the best band in the world, playing in my town & i'm so tired it practically ruined my evening. Still, TRAGEDY. Get the fuck in! I helped out on the door & getting the bands [TRAGEDY, DISFEAR & SELFISH] back to Marv's place for food, & appart from the lateness of it all, ran pretty much without any massive hitches. It was also cool to see Henrymonkey & the crazy Notts kids & Rupert out on a thurs. Fuck, i love Hardcore boys! Gotta sleep, Later x
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Episode 6, Series 3 [25 Apr 2004|03:39pm]
Its been a while but my computer is in bits at the moment, which is really shit. I've been reduced to watching COLD FEET with my mam & the aforementioned episode could well be the story of my life, but i'm not going to bore you with it all!
So i've had no job after leaving my old place, but i start a new job tomorrow, which im not looking forward to in the slightest, still, it's gonna pay for my thrash habbit & the label [Right To Refuse Records] so its a necesary waste of my time. I dunno if i'm gonna be able to go a whole day without having a nap!
Been having loads of fun with Sofychinpie too, getting drunk & stoned & just being idiots. I'll get a massive withdrawal from her when she goes back to uni tomorrow :(
Anyways, its sunny so im off 2 sit in the garden with Marv. Later
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Well, this is all a bit exciting isn't it? [18 Apr 2004|01:00pm]
Well ok, it wasn't the worst gig i've ever been to. infact, STRIKEOUT were pretty good [& their demo rocks as well]. Wasn't overly impressed with the other 2 bands, whose names escape me, but THE PHUCK-UP'S put in another solid performance. I wasn't really in the mood for it. Was well tired after sitting up till stupid-o-clock round titch's drinking beer & cheap wine. Almost sounds romantic. Maybe not. It was someones 50th party at the pub last night so there was a beaut buffet on, so much lovely veggie food. Teressa [Landlady] is a whizz in the kitchen.
So im sat here at 1300 still in my dressing gown. I look like an old man & probably smell worse. Who cares, thats what sundays are for. Later.
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